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Professor Vineeta Sinha is Head of Department at the Department of Sociology as well as at the South Asian Studies Programme at the National University of Signapore. She obtained her M.Soc.Sci from the NUS and her MA and PhD in Anthropology from the Johns Hopkins University. Her research and teaching interests includes Hindu religiosity in the Diaspora; religion-state encounters; religion, commodification and consumption practices; history and practice of sociology; critique of concepts and categories in the social sciences; rethinking the teaching of classical sociological theory.

She is the author of the book titled ‘Indians’, “a statement about the Indian community and how it has fared since independence in different fields like economy, culture and politics”.

Vineeta Sinha is Vice-President (Publications) of the International Sociological Association (from 2014-2018) and co-editor of the Asian Journal of Social Science (Brill), the Monograph Series, Social Sciences in Asia (Brill) and the Routledge International Library of Sociology

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