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Ruben Gowricharn (background in economics and sociology) is professor of social cohesion and transnational studies at Tilburg University, and professor of Indian Diaspora Studies at the Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His research projects include the cohesion of multicultural democracies, the economic potential of diaspora communities, the impact of transnational communities on ethnic groups, integration of ethnic groups in Western societies, agrarian development in less developed societies, and the relationship between culture and economics. Currently he is working on a book about the limits of Western democracy and another on economic aspects of the Indian diaspora. At present, he is also managing director of a doctoral program for adult migrant students in the Netherlands, Suriname and Curacao, geared at enlarging the capacity of communities and organizations in these countries.  

Email: rgow@xs4all.nl

Cell phone: +31 6 4155 7223